Deirdre Leowinata
About Me
But not TOO much about me.

Things I love: Stories, people, conversations, creativity, and learning. Also science, nature, and the environment, all of which we have in extraordinary amounts here in Canada.

I have a B.Sc. in  Biology (Evolution, Ecology, and Behaviour) from the University of Ottawa, and a post-graduate certificate in Environmental Visual Communication through a new and innovative joint program between the Royal Ontario Museum and Fleming College. I became interested in communication during my Bachelor's degree during which I studied climate change and the effects of industrial activity on species distribution and movement. Both topics were controversial in the media at the time and both, along with many environmental stories, were being misrepresented on every online channel from social media to mainstream outlets. I wanted to tell the other sides of those stories. That led me to my post-graduate program at the ROM in Toronto, where I learned techniques in photography, multimedia, design, writing, and campaign strategy. I became enthralled and have since honed in and immersed myself in film, and the digital marketing world, and hope to apply those skills to the factual/documentary world of new media. Since I graduated, I have been incredibly honoured in the experiences I have had and the people I have met along the way. It has been a winding and convoluted path, but every moment has been exciting and I'm so happy to be where I am today (wherever that is. Canada?).

My photos have appeared on the National Geographic, Discover magazine, and the Guardian websites. My writing has been published in National Geographic Cat Watch, The Citizen newspaper Tanzania, the Royal Ontario Museum's ROM Magazine, and Mark Campbell's Six Incredible Things Before Breakfast. I have received two awards for my video work, and am looking forward to learning and producing a whole lot more.

I'm inspired every day by the skilled people I meet and work with and those whose work I follow. Those who inspire me consist of journalists, filmmakers, ad agencies, designers, illustrators, bloggers, novelists, and Youtubers, citizens of the world from the beginnings of civilization to the 21st century. I think comedy is one of the best ways to engage people, and many of my role models are experts at incorporating it into their work. My goal is to create highly thoughtful concepts that are matched with high standards of execution, and I am striving all the time to improve my concept development and technical skills. The best thing I can hope for in the end is to work in an environment that strives for the same thing while working to do some good in the world. If you have that environment for me, or if you feel the same way, please reach out.

I strongly believe in the power of integration. It summarizes who I am and how I work. To fully understand something, you must study its many parts. To fully communicate something, you must use multiple forms and outlets. And to fully change something for the better, we all have to work together.

If this impassioned text block wasn't convincing enough for you, you can see my communications CV HERE or my academic CV HERE.  If you need something more specific and I haven't sent you one already, just ask.